Production duo from Chicago Illinois, Solstis consists of 22 year old Andres Garcia and 21 year old Brandon Myers. 2015 was a very big year for the duo as they locked in over 2.5 million plays on their releases and tripled their fan base.  Solstis is making noise in the midwest and way beyond via their dramatic but relevant twists on future bass and indie sounds. Their style is not only a great addition to the future bass / trap scene but as it turns out it is also influencing it.  Over the last several months the duo has been experiencing renowned support from the industries largest blogs and Youtube Channels which include,, Trap Nation, YourEDM, and thissongslaps to name a few.

Released in March 2015 "Melanie Martinez - Bittersweet Tragedy (Solstis Remix)" reached over 1.8m plays, premiering on one of the largest YouTube dance music channels in the world, Trap Nation. Later in the year "Melanie Martinez - Soap (Solstis Remix)" dropped, again via Trap Nation, this time garnering a play count rate twice that of the previous remix.

It was between these two releases that Solstis played a handful of massive events during festival season.  The duo was selected as the winner of Insomniac's Discovery Project for Electric Forest, granting them a stage and a crowd at one of dance music's most popular and community driven festivals. The duo also played the quickly rising Backwoods Music Festival in Oklahoma, and, a few short months later on Halloween 2015, Solstis headlined and sold out their first show, at the same time. 

Solstis is a part of MMXV Artist Collective, which is quickly becoming one of the most powerful bass collectives in the industry. With over 1 million follower reach between all of the artists and page managers, MMXV has no sign of stopping it’s fast paced growth, and the individual artists are all quickly making a name for themselves in the world of electronic music. 

2016 is limitless. Solstis has a score of tunes they are set to release, partnerships and projects with very powerful brands and channels on the horizon, and tour dates coming soon. It is safe to say the future is bright for the duo so stay tuned as they are just getting started.